Racial Microaggressions Awareness Program Tailored to the Workplace

The Program

ARM for Business

Who it's for

Business owners, managers, employees



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Research suggests many types of racial microaggressions occur in workplace settings, such as the lack of representation of one’s own group, invisibility, invalidation of one’s individual experience, and exclusion from social events. Collectively, these types of racial microaggressions can lead to high rates of depression, isolation, and absenteeism in the workplace. These outcomes can detrimentally impact salary increases and promotion. Moreover, racial microaggressions can lead to turnover and dismissal.

Program details

Learn valuable techniques to integrate racial microaggressions training into your workspace.

The primary objective of Addressing Racial Microaggressions, LLC. (ARM) workshop, “Racial Microaggressions Awareness Program in the Workplace,” is to help both for-profit and non- profit organizations address the most critical issues related to racial microaggressions in their interactions with each other.

To accomplish this goal the workshop provides the following eight outcomes:

  1. Increased insight and awareness of racial microaggressions;
  2. Enhanced knowledge and appreciation of people’s differences and their importance to an individual’s identity;
  3. A deep understanding of the severe psychological and physical consequences of racial microaggressions;
  4. Raised sensitivity levels that aid in recognizing racial microaggressions when they occur;
  5. Develop the skills to serve as an effective ally and advocate for colleagues and students who are the targets of racial microaggressions;
  6. Gain confidence in selecting appropriate strategies for an aggressor and target to respond to racial microaggressions;
  7. Cultivate a process to formally document all incidents as the aggressor or target for accountability; and,
  8. Create the capacity to assume the role of a change agent to eliminate racial microaggressions in an academic environment.

Target Audience

  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Board members

Estimated Time

This is a custom length series, with each series being about 2 hours long.


  • Interactive activities
  • Sharing
  • Reflections
  • Questions and answers
  • Action plans
  • And more

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