More workshops added for new LWVSC diversity program

DEI Awareness program set to begin July 27

Kaitlyn Cupelli July 18, 2020

LWVSC’s new program will focus on diversity, equity and inclusion awareness. The League of Women Voters of Sussex County Delaware held its annual meeting July 10 to discuss plans for its upcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness program.

LWVSC President Gwendolyn Miller said she felt there needed to be more than just one workshop since this is an ongoing movement, so the DEI program will be a three-part series with multiple workshops. It will have a 12-month time frame and breaks for holidays.

The diversity series will start July 27 and go into the second week of October. The equity series will run from January until March, with the inclusion awareness series scheduled from April to June.

Each workshop will be held via Zoom meetings and be open for eight participants to join. The workshops will also be facilitated by any league member who has participated in a DEI training program.

Although Miller is currently the only facilitator, she said her hope is for more people to become leaders as the program goes on. Facilitators will be able to hold their own workshops, which means more people will be able to sign up for the program.

During workshops, participants can expect to do exercises, activities and reflections pertaining to the series they’re in. Attendees will also come up with action plans to turn thoughts about diversity, equity and inclusion into direct efforts.

What makes this program different is that it leans toward facilitating the discussion and dialogue among the participants, and less toward lecturing and teaching,” Miller said.

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